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Once the fledglings can hunt and survive on their own, they will leave the parents themselves.Thank you everyone who watched the cam and commented! 5/24/2017: Early in the morning, the nestlings were banded by Boise State University students from Dr. We can confirm that we have three females and one male nestling, and all four appear to be in good condition.Keep an eye out for the next nesting season in 2018, which typically begins in March-May in Idaho.We'll be excited to start up the live stream again when nesting behavior begins!The parents continue to feed and take care of them while they practice flying and hunting, and it's quite the dangerous time!So both adults keep a close eye out while the fledglings do their bumbling around.

So imagine our surprise when one of the eggs hatched a couple days early!Keep an eye out on our social media and forums to watch for updates.6/3/2017: At around am, the first of the nestlings took their very first flight - and the other three quickly followed!So this is not the first batch of nestlings this female raised.5/6/2017: Sometime in the morning, a fourth egg hatched!

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