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Aside from the more predictable conspiracy theorists and “allegations are just allegations” types, there’s a heavy contingent of people who have expressed their support even in the event of the allegations being proven entirely true.

Alabama Bibb County Republican chairman Jerry Pow told reporter Daniel Dale that he'd vote for Moore even if Moore had committed crimes.

In that race, Independent-Republican Party gubernatorial candidate Jon Grunseth faced allegations of sexually abusing minors, and withdrew just a week before the general election.

Two days later, the state supreme court ruled that Arne Carlson, the state auditor who’d lost to Grunseth in the primary, could take Grunseth’s place on the ballot. Before that election, Carlson was the face of a vibrant write-in candidacy, but in Alabama, the idea of supporting a write-in campaign itself is further increasing the entropy within the state GOP.

Governor Kay Ivey could move the special election back in order to allow Moore’s name to be scrubbed from the ballot, a move that some strategists and commentators have championed as a way to give the party time to field a candidate, but on Saturday Ivey shut the door on that plan.

“The governor is not considering and has no plans to move the special election for U. Senate,” the governor’s spokesperson told CBS News.

Regardless, Strange could not be swapped in for Moore as the Republican candidate or run as an independent, but could still receive certified votes as a write-in candidate.

There seems to be some contention over what would happen if Alabama Republicans withdraw their nomination from Moore.

“If you look at our code, then you would see that if Judge Moore disqualifies himself, or secondarily, if the Republican Party renounced his nomination,” Merrill says, “there’s no way that they can actually change the ballot, but what that would mean is if Judge Moore got the most amount of votes in either one of those scenarios, then our election would be considered null and void.”If Moore does at some point decide to withdraw from the race, although Alabama law is unclear on what happens, Winger says that the 1990 governor’s race in Minnesota provides some precedent on what to do.

A complicated labyrinth of Alabamian election laws makes it difficult to force Moore out or replace him with another Republican candidate, and accordingly, Republicans in the state appear to be in no hurry to force him to step aside.

As reports, the Alabama Republican Party’s central steering committee plans to meet this week to discuss Moore’s nomination, which only they can withdraw.

After multiple allegations of sexual assault and harassment of minors against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, a complicated set of elections laws and rules is being used to keep his hat in the ring. The abundance of allegations against the Republican nominee for the state’s open U. There are allegations from several other women around Gadsden, Alabama, that Moore sought their affections while he was in his 30s and they were teenagers, allegations Moore has not flatly denied.

There’s the November 9 allegation from Leigh Corfman in that Moore, the former Alabama Supreme Court judge, sexually abused her when she was 14.

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