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Divorce hits her hard and the dating game doesn't seem to work, but slowly she finds her feet.

If you love *NSYNC, and who doesn't, then you'll love Infogrames' *NSYNC Hotline Fantasy Phone & CD-ROM Game.

Philips based the game on the classic Dream Date board game where girls get to go on simulated dates with "thirty of the coolest guys in the universe.".

One of the dates is actor and acting coach Chambers Stevens (star of the Emmy Award winning Steve Spots).

You can also download up to five messages at a time from any of the band members (out of dozens of possible messages from each guy), and you'll get periodic calls from them.

Girl's Club, created by the Philips POV group (Who also made Voyeur, Thunder in Paradise and Mystic Midway) for the CD-i was a pioneer in the early days of video games.

It was one of the first video games to use live footage of actors. Obviously made for girls (around the age of 12), the players got to choose among many handsome 'dates'.

Reimagined for 2017 Cuffing Season is the magical time of the year where being in an relationship suddenly seems more appealing than being single. — FREE to participate — Signups begin at 10pm — Contestants will be matched in a 3:1 ratio with our single bachelor or bachelorette will be BLINDFOLDED (because True Love is blind, Not swiping).

— They will be asking a series of flirty questions to their respective panel.

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In the bowling game, for example, you send a ball down the lane to hit bowling pins that have the heads of the 'N Sync guys.

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