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I absolutely think that Doublelift is the best ADC in NA, but the title for best ADC in the world is still out there in my honest opinion.

I think that Doublelift is around the same level as Imp from MVP Ozone.

Most of the threat for an AD Carry versus a melee hypercarry stems from their gap closer abilities such as Alpha Strike and Zed’s Deathmark.

Before you even realize it most of your health is gone or you just got two shot by that 13-0 Yi.

I don’t think any of the AD Carries in NA are near liftlifts level mechanically. I can always go back to school, but the League scene is still young and there’s no telling how far it can go ahead in the future.

There’s no telling who is the best ADC in the world yet, it might even be me : D! [I would stay] as long as I can, probably, there’s a bright future for e Sports!

Peng first discovered his love for video games through classic Nintendo 64 titles Star Fox and Golden Eye.

I think that the new melee carries such as Yi and Zed absolutely demolish AD Carries and you’re very dependent on your team to get the peel needed to survive them, for example there’s not much you can do as Ezreal, Ashe or Graves if there’s a 6 item Yi running straight at you.They all come from experience and practice and there is no one single way to get out of “elo hell”.So just keep at it, don’t play to win but play to get better and work on improving these 4.I really like playing stealthy, quick assassin type champions.I’m not currently on a team but I am subbing for two amateur teams known as New World Eclipse and Zebop Squad.

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