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According to AATT, Lizzie Rovsek has also been filming for the show.

Now, if we can just figure out where Alexis Bellino has disappeared to…

❤ Thanks again Shawn for being such an incredible and patient trainer ??

#Get Glamwith Gretchenonthe Inside #workingmywayback #gettingstrongagain #sharingmyjourney (More of the full workout on my you tube channel “Gretchen Christine Rossi”) That is so great to hear! (No joke.) So what do you think about Gretchen’s reported return?

“Gretchen will be returning to spice up Season 12,” a source reveals to All About the Tea.

“She has filmed several scenes with Vicki Gunvalson, and Vicki is pushing for her return.” Although completely inconceivable while Gretchen was on the show, it does appear as though she and former nemesis Vicki have buried the hatchet and become pals.

He lost his battle September 13, 2008, after they finished filming the season.

According to TMZ, Jeff left Gretchen .5 million in his will, but Gretchen has said that most of that went to debts that his estate had.

I feel so blessed to have meet him and that he has taken the time to really retrain my body how to protect itself from injury again.It was the scariest and most depressing injury, and I had to stop working out because the pain was unbearable.I was not able to lift anything (not even my dogs) without being in pain for weeks.On the 100th episode special that aired this season Tamra tells the camera: Gretchen says she was hurt by that accusation again because felt they had already gone through it and talked about it.She said she thought Tamra had apologized and admitted that she misjudged what was going on.

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