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Nathan was a ninth-grader, and he joined the junior varsity team with trepidation.Initially, Gerelds had a hard time getting black athletes to play because they were treated like traitors by their own friends.Newman wears his Super Bowl ring from the 1973 season.Nathan and Newman were on two Super Bowl teams together under Don Shula. One recent morning jurors asked to pose for pictures with Newman in his black robe and Nathan in his gold badge. It was a brief break in county courthouse action at the bustling justice factory Newman calls “the funnel.” Nathan, a more reluctant celebrity than his boss, finds himself back in the spotlight now with the release of “It brought tears to my eyes,” Nathan, 58, said of the red-carpet premiere he attended in his hometown Thursday night.“Though I hadn’t set out to be a superstar and still didn’t have that as a life goal, I now felt a new purpose — even a calling — in my role as running back on the Woodlawn High football team, and as part of the healing of the racial tension in our city,” Nathan wrote. “He was like one of the Beatles in football-crazed Alabama,” Greene said. We’d look in the stands and see whites and blacks hugging each other. Our spirit of brotherhood was spreading.” In 1974, Woodlawn and Banks High kept winning, putting them on a collision course.

George Wallace proclaimed “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” and blocked a doorway at the University of Alabama where two black students were trying to enroll.During Nathan’s childhood, the Old South gave grudging way to the New South.He was a boy when Birmingham police turned dogs and fire hoses on student protesters, when Martin Luther King Jr.Motley Miami slithers daily through Courtroom 6-6, where bailiff Tony Nathan and Judge Ed Newman hear the pleas of prostitutes, drunk drivers, petty thieves, probation violators, barroom brawlers and pot pushers.They recall the antics of a repeat offender who used to post You Tube videos on how to beat a suspended-license rap by acting delusional in court.

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Gerelds’ son Todd, author of said what was happening on the football field represented a turning point for Birmingham.

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