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It was usually much more complicated than a shirt and a skirt.Even wearing a dress required layers of undergarments, including tight corsets.The wealthy preferred more colorful, luxe fabrics and rich embroidery.Fur was usually worn on the inside of clothes to keep women warm, but as the era wore on, fur trim became more popular.Head coverings for women slowly changed from long veils to pointed caps to rolled bonnets.If you want to portray a Middle Ages wench or noble for your next costume party, Halloween gathering or reenactment, these online retailers provide the perfect medieval recreations for you in a variety of styles: You can also find some modern shirts and dresses that have elements inspired by medieval dress, such as corset style evening dresses or flowy tunic tops. I’m much more comfortable around women than I am men. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the company of the women who have graced me with their presence.

At this stage of my life, I require authenticity in any relationship I have. Men, to our detriment, are conditioned socially to squelch our feelings and display stoicism at all cost, anger as a fail safe, and sadness or despair only in the comfort of our own heads. Or Animal, but really, do I have to make that part clear? And maybe we’ve forgotten what part of it to value. In most cases, women can hold an intellectually stimulating conversation that includes emotion where men can not or will not. It is a rare gift and advantage that society has granted them. For the ladies and gents in the back not paying attention, IT IS NOT OK TO FORCE YOURSELF LITERALLY, EMOTIONALLY OR METAPHYSICALLY ON ANOTHER PERSON.Going into a date expecting nothing more than a few laughs and a meal allows me the freedom to be myself and to choose to be authentic. Guys, that also means don’t be a zit on the ass cheek of humanity. Sometimes my authentic self isn’t at all what a woman is looking for, and sometimes she’s not what I’m out shopping for. Expressing your feelings still requires respect for the other person.

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