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There is - Robin's wife - and Will requests that Robin steal him some of the elixir as well so that he can sell it.Robin tries, but only manages to get one vial, learning upon his return that Will wanted to drink the elixir himself so that he could move on from the death of his sister.Hook tries to help save David's life as the deadly dreamshade takes it's effect. Back in fairy tale land, Killian Jones and his brother, Captain Liam, sail under orders of the King to find a powerful indigenous plant on an uncharted land that could help heal any injury.snarkwithlove: “ You guuuuys, look at this. As Hook's ship returns to Storybrooke, a well-hidden Pan puts a new plan into motion.Back in fairy tale land, Snow and Charming go in search of a mythical being that could stop Regina cold in her tracks. With Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas. That’s Charming, Daddy Charming, and Emma, the little Lost Girl, looking, seeing each other as they were...

Because he trusts in her..watson is an afro prada bruiser for wonderland mag 01 Emma Watson wears her hair in an up 'do for one of her dual covers for Wonderland magazine's February/March 2014 issue, on newsstands February 7.How about a personalized wall We're all about handsome Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time, and this week, he and Emma take their relationship to a new level: dinner!That's right, these two are slowly becoming one of the show's best couples, and we've been there every step of the way.However, the White Rabbit summoned him to rescue Alice from an asylum and sent them on a chase to find Cyrus, Alice's one true love, in Wonderland.Will reluctantly agreed, out of loyalty to his friend... Ultimately, he and Alice succeed and he ends up happily ruling over Wonderland at Anastasia's side as the White King.

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(Watch an extended preview of "Second Star to the Right.") "These guys are master storytellers, [co-creators] Adam [Horowitz] and Eddy [Kitsis], and you can expect that that quality continues.

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