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Member of the Jacobins Security Department - Deputation in 1794, and after 1796 a member of a secret political organization called "Centralization of Warsaw"; he was a member of the "Polish Deputation" 1795 - 1796; emigrated to Paris, 1797; the Polish Deputation came into conflict with the moderate Kosciuszko-Uprising migr activists of the "Agency" founded in Paris in 1794 and supporting Henryk Dabrowski's Polish Legions.In 1799, SZANIAWSKI served as an informal representative and head of the Paris Society of Polish Republican; returning to the country in 1801, to Warsaw during the Prussian occupation, Szaniawski co-edited Gazeta Warszawska; headed the censorship.From 1802 to 1808 Szaniawski published his philosophical works on Kant's philosophy, became an apostle of German philosophy; 1806 was nominated as a member of the Supreme Military Administrative Department and in 1807 was member of the Directorate of Justice; 1807 he went to Berlin as a commissioner.1808 the royal prosecutor at the Court of Cassation.

I wrote Eugeniusz Ludwik Armand / Eugene Louis was married to a beautiful Polish - Maria Wilhelmina PASZKOWSKA / MARIA Pashkovskaya.

Her father, Franciszek Paszkowski / Francis Paszkowski was a writer and military, during Napoleon's Italian campaign, he served as adjutant to Murat.

Young Catholics family donated money the Orthodox St. When Armand moved to Orthodoxy, grandchildren of Louis Eugene / Yevgeny Ivanovich were baptized in this church. In contrast to the position of her husband, his wife was educated, and drew quite well, in France she drew the ruins of castles and really liked them; Evgeny built in a park such ruins.

Dupont with support of his friend, Wladyslaw Jablonowski. This area was penetrated at the end of 1802 by the commercial house 'Trzecieski, Horodyski et comp.' for increasing trade in the Black Sea.

Neyman was sent by conspirators at the Volyn in January 1807 and in February back to Warsaw (Suchet); with ANDRZEJ HORODYSKI / Andrew Horodyski wrote to Talleyrand, which pointed the possibility of uprising in Volhynia and Podolia, against the Russian garrisons (Mareta); together with Michal N. Gliszczynski], Horodyski and Jozef KLEMENS Szaniawski wrote memorial to Talleyrand against the magnates, presented the need to reorganize the army, vocation of Kosciuszko, and remove the Prussian officials.

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But after the death of Championnet, NEYMAN - as a Jacobin - lost position - the new Chief of Staff Ch.

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