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The authors, in their study said, “Ensuring human development among the older people means enlarging their choices and expanding the opportunities available to them.” 2007 PSOA.The 2007 PSOA is the second nationally representative survey of older Filipinos and the study aims to know their health status and well-being.

It is a collaborative study of the University of the Philippines Diliman Population Institute (UPPop I) and the Nihon University Population Research Institute.

“Only 6 percent have bank accounts, 12 percent have cash, and 11 percent have real estate.

In addition, 15 percent of the older person have liabilities.” Education.

“Half of the college educated have health insurance coverage compared with only 4 percent among the least educated.” Seniors mainly rely on family for their informal care, with mostly their children identified as caregivers in times of illness (48%), followed by their spouse (35%).

Usually, it is the spouse who care for the men, while it is the children for the women. PSOA findings show seven in 10 older Filipinos live with a child/children.

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