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Actress Amber Tamblyn also chimed in, and alleged that Woods once tried to pick her up when she was 16 years old. In her letter the actress calls Woods a "silencer," and "predatory." She then continues to point out that Woods calling her story a "lie" plays into the larger societal problem of women's stories being repudiated by men.Tamblyn wrote: The saddest part of this story doesn't even concern me but concerns the universal woman's story." "Sure." Kara beamed, not seeing any harm in sharing this story, "Well, it didn't exactly go according to plan. "Are you going to-" Lena began when she was almost dressed, only for the beautiful alien girl to vanish and then reappear in her full superhero costume, looking stunning as always, causing Lena to pout, "Show off." "Always." Kara grinned proudly, feeling bold enough to be the one to kiss Lena this time.Cisco was supposed to open a portal to the ship, but he was off by a couple feet and I kind of, sort of, crashed into them a little bit. But then Amaya got mad at me for being cruel to animals." "Is that the friend who tutored you about sex? Knowing this would be her last for a while Lena cupped the back of Supergirl's head, ensuring that it would last, before reluctantly pulling back, "See you later." "Later." Kara beamed, disentangling herself from the other woman and slowly walking backwards. " Lena blurted out just before Supergirl was obviously going to make her exit, "If you see Kara, remind her we have a lunch date."No problem." Kara smiled, then about a minute later asked, "Do you have anything to-" Before Kara could even finish her sentence Lena opened a drawer in her desk and placed a bowl of candy on top of it, all without looking away from the screen.Which caused Kara to grin widely and start snacking. There is just this whole other side to her which she isn't willing to share, and I just... Of you not..." Kara said a little too forcefully, before remembering she needed to tread carefully, "Erm, not taking it well." "Why wouldn't I? Another long silence and then Kara hesitantly added, "I don't know, maybe you'd be disappointed.I would never, I mean I did but it was an accident and I apologized and we were good and I didn't do it this time and that was one kiss and..." Kara rambled before being cut off by a sweet pair of lips. She kind of reminds me of that guy who dresses like a bat and is one of Superman's best friends. I've got a meeting in less than two hours which I really can't skip, and I'd like sometime to prepare for it." "Me too." Kara grumbled. "Excellent." Lena beamed, reluctantly beginning to get up before adding, "Mind if I shower first? She didn't get a great look at it when they were pressed together, or even when Lena got out of bed without a stitch of clothing on and walked into her bathroom."It's okay, I believe you." Lena reassured softly after a brief kiss, "But I kind of want to hear more about this time travelling, if that's okay? In fact, it was her boyfriend I saved from being eaten." Kara said proudly, "She's cool too. "But I'm not giving you the brush off, I promise." Lena swore, cupping the other girl's face, "Please, let me see you again tonight? But Kara did get a few long seconds to stare at Lena's ass, and then after a couple of minutes of just lying in bed she got to watch a completely naked Lena Luthor walking back into the room just as confidently and start getting dressed.

But she just about managed it, instead just returning the smile in greeting. Just give me a minute and I'll finish up." Lena beamed.

Woods' remarks were made in response to writer Chad Felix Greene's tweet that expressed his dismay over the age difference between the film's love interests. Stop." It is worth mentioning that while 17 is below the age of consent in most US states, the age of consent in Italy (where the film takes place) is 14. pic.twitter.com/rch Yilrju Z — Amber Tamblyn (@ambertamblyn) September 12, 2017 Woods has yet to respond to Tamblyn's latest tweet, but a number of celebrities (including Don Cheedle, Tamblyn's husband David Cross, and Lena Dunham) have come out to support Tamblyn, and challenge Woods' remarks.

Hammer's character in the film is 24, and has an affair with a 17 year old. Woods dated Ashley Madison when she was 19 and he was 60, and the actor also dated 20-year-old Kristen Bauguess when he was 66. Tamblyn then delivered on her promise and wrote an open letter to Woods published by Teen Vogue.

Sometimes it can be hard to crack Hollywood when you're an up and coming actor.

You've got to play the game -- or in this case, the game show.

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Or the fact that her co-workers probably thought she had snapped given how ridiculously happy she was, and she just couldn't contain it. Or she would if it wouldn't have completely exposed her secret identity, and she still hadn't even told Alex about what was going on with her right now, so she should do that first, and soon.

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