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Many of them show animals and humans interacting along with depictions of snakes and reptiles that appear menacing.

Upon closer inspection, there is writing on the stones that grace the hilltop.

Gobekli Tepe, which literally translates to “potbelly hill” is located on a mountain ridge just northeast of Sanliurfa, Turkey.

Looking south, one can see the border of Syria, which was once part of ancient Mesopotamia, or the Fertile Crescent. More than fifteen years of excavation and study haven’t brought us much closer to the secrets of this structure that challenges every theory presented in modern history.

That being the case, civilization has quite possibly existed much longer than previously speculated.

For reasons unknown, there was no further attempt to find out what lay beneath, outside of a few speculations.

Before that chance encounter by the shepherd who just happened to glance down at the right time, there was no further consideration given to the area.

There have been intact huts found inside Gobekli Tepe, which indicate possible housing for laborers working on the structure.

It would have taken hundreds of years to complete, and the construction shows that time and intricacy was put into its creation.

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