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Gerald was blessed and cursed at the same time, he had great talent but his father, Eddie Levert, was from one of the biggest groups in the history of R&B, The O’Jays, and Gerald sounded EXACTLY like him.

Levert's will named Anthony Gibson, the singer's cousin and business manager, as executor.

Levert, the velvet-voiced R&B singer who died in November, left behind at least million worth of assets, including two homes, two Mercedes Benz autos, jewelry, clothing, furniture, securities and bank accounts.

The singer's publishing copyrights and music royalties have yet to be appraised, and will make up a sizable part of Levert's estate, according to court records.

The mothers' lawyers say the process, by law, should take place in Geauga County, where Levert had a home in Newbury Township.

When asked by a magistrate Wednesday why the location mattered, the mothers' lawyers said they are concerned over the lack of information they have received on execution of the will.

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"We're being met with a lot of resistance," said Steven Cox, who represents Bridget Pursley, Le Micah's mother. The other mother involved in the dispute is Margaret Amber Hawkins, who lives with Camryn in Las Vegas.

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